Tag: poet

  • March 2023 Program

    In this program, Julie E. Bloemeke talks about how we can expand the reach of our poems by calling up sensory elements. Prompt included.

  • February 2023 Program

    In this workshop, Rita Sims Quillen focuses on prompts centering around experiences of our youth to create narrative poems.

  • January 2023 Program

    In this session, award-winning poet, author and editor Pauletta Hansel will discuss the development of a poetry manuscript.

  • December 2022 Program

    In this talk, Andrew Lee Butler discusses the ways Poetry gets in the way of our poetry. Come prepared to reflect on what you think you shouldn’t write poetry about.

  • November 2022 Program

    In this talk, Blue Ridge native and award-winning poet Matthew Wimberley engages with the responsibilities of the writer when engaged with the particulars of place.

  • October 2022 Program

    In our writing, regardless of genre, we often need some level of research. Presenter Melissa Helton will discuss genealogical research and the process of writing her current manuscript, a family memoir in verse investigating our history, interrogating what that means as the descendent of colonizers in a white supremacist US, and what can be done…