September 2022 Program

A Poet in Progress: A Decade of Practice and Study

As the 2022 PST Program Chair, this session will be a chance to get to know Lacy Snapp better as she shares her previous writing passions, such as ekphrastic poetry, working-class poetry, and ecological poetry. She will also describe her current endeavors and interests and discuss how those new focuses are impacting the poems she is writing today. 

About the Presenter

Lacy Snapp She is Director for Humanities Tennessee Young Writers’ Workshop and Adjunct Professor, Department of Literature and Language, East Tennessee State University. She has over a decade’s worth of writing, studying poetry, and participating in workshops throughout her undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Master’s Degree in English at East Tennessee State University, and her first three semesters in her Master of Fine Arts’ Degree at Vermont College of Fine Arts.


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