Creating Regional Connections

introducing PST’s Regional Development Committee

After recent leadership changes at the Poetry Society of Tennessee (PST), the PST Leadership Team began to search for ways to bring people together across the state who are interested in the advancement of poetry and writing/reading/hearing poetry in its various forms. This led to the creation of our PST Regional Connections Committee (RCC). The committee helps promote opportunities for regional development across Tennessee. 

What does the RCC Do?

The RCC identifies and develops initiatives to meet the needs of PST membership in various regions of the state. Their goals are to:

  1. facilitate independent regional development and growth according to each region’s strengths and interests
  2. promote a regular exchange of communications and information between PST Regional Representatives and PST Leadership regarding regional planning efforts
  3. coordinate plans for a yearly PST regional budget allotment to address regional development and membership growth
  4. encourage regions across the state to share ideas and support each other as they discover how to proceed with developing programs and initiatives
  5. provide support to Regional Representatives as they work to promote their region’s growth and increase PST membership

Presently, the RCC consists of members from each region who participate on the committee to serve and represent their region. As of now there are three regions: Knoxville, Memphis, and Northeast Tennessee. The committee has met a couple of times since July and are developing a process to guide this committee’s work in the years ahead. 

RCC Members

Our committee members look forward to serving PST members in the different regions across the state as they promote PST interests and address the needs of their respective regions.

They are currently working on budget proposals to send to the PST Leadership Team that will help fund local projects to promote the growth of poetry interests in each region.

Get in Touch

Your representatives would love to hear from PST members in their region to identify important areas of growth for the future. Email your ideas to with the subject line REGIONAL CONNECTIONS, and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate committee member.

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