Triangles appear as tripods, traffic signs, pyramids, some leaves, etc. One fascinating place is the geodesic dome—a structure that relies on the strength of the triangle. 

Per the dictionary: “A geodesic dome is a hemispherical thin-shell structure…. The triangular elements…distribute the structural stress…to withstand very heavy loads….” Buckminster Fuller popularized the dome because its “omnitriangulated” surface provides a stable and strong structure.

The remarkable feature of the triangle for stability and strength suggests a way to think about our mission as a state society.

Imagine PST as a society with three triangular points. Each point represents one of our three core programs: 

  •           contests
  •           education
  •           regional nurture. 

All three programs are necessary for strength and vitality. Without these three balanced points, PST wobbles and falters.

Contests give members successes in writing. Monthly educational presentations offer rich learning with outstanding writers and teachers. Regional settings provide critique groups and other local possibilities for in-person learning and support.

Our leadership is committed to a vital, triangular balance of these three programs. They define our mission. They build PST as a triangulated dome—a dynamic, strong, exciting place for us as poets, as persons. 

Come on in! Get to know us and we, you. Improve writing skills with us. Discover dimensions of self and relationships. Find new pathways. Together we’ll share, learn, and grow—all the while in appreciation for the beauty of the triangle.

Onward and Upward,


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