Dear PST friends,

As we near the close of my second term as PST president, I want to take a moment to thank you for the honor you have shown me. These two years have been hectic at times because of events beyond anyone’s control. I have been left tired at times but always fulfilled. It has been a double portion of honor to have served this last year along side of Calvin Ross as co-president. It is with bright hope that I pass the leadership of PST in to the competent hands of Lisa Kamolnick this May. 

Now on to the important stuff. In a little over a month we will again celebrate our annual Tennessee Poetry Festival. This is a great opportunity for all in so many ways. I want to encourage everyone to take part in this. Also, it is a good way to reach out to potential members. Very few state poetry festivals are free to everyone, and while we miss our in-person festival, let’s take this opportunity to get as many people involved as we can. April is a busy month for poets. National Poetry Month always brings opportunities for us to present our work and I want that for everyone but we all need to stay anchored in our society.

So, sign up as soon as you can and bless other with your presence. 

Thank you once again for the honors you have shown me. I’m not leaving PST, but I am getting out of your hair as leader for a while.




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