Regional Connections Committee Gears Up for 2023-2024

In the past program year, Poetry Society of Tennessee (PST) formed the Regional Connections Committee to help connect poets in local regions. Members from each region participate on the committee to serve and represent their region. This year starts with representatives from Knoxville, Memphis, and Northeast Tennessee, with plans to expand representation.

2023-2024 RCC Members

Leaders Assure Continuity

Last year’s committee members signed up for a second year to continue the efforts begun last year, with Patricia Hope taking the Chair role as Jerry Buchanan rolls off the committee. Patricia also serves as a PST Board Director this year.

The committee met monthly during the past program year and will determine a meeting schedule for the coming year. Learn more about the committee and their activities in 2022-2023.

About the RCC

The RCC identifies and develops initiatives to meet the needs of PST membership in various regions of the state. Their goals are to:

  1. facilitate independent regional development and growth according to each region’s strengths and interests
  2. promote a regular exchange of communications and information between PST Regional Representatives and PST Leadership regarding regional planning efforts
  3. coordinate plans for a yearly PST regional budget allotment to address regional development and membership growth
  4. encourage regions across the state to share ideas and support each other as they discover opportunities and develop programs and initiatives
  5. provide support to regional representatives as they work to promote their region’s growth and increase PST membership

Get in Touch

RCC representatives would love to hear from PST members to identify important areas of growth for the future. Email your ideas to with the subject line REGIONAL CONNECTIONS, and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate committee member.

If you’d like to become involved or have interest in developing a new regional connection as a regional representative, please reach out via with the SUBJECT line NEW RCC REGION.

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