PST Kicks Off 2023-2024 Members-only Contests

Our 2023-2024 contests begin this year with an unusual contest from Russell Strauss, which includes an opportunity to submit two poems for consideration, along with a critique of each poem a member submits. The contest is a follow-up to his May program which explored the forms.

Submit a pantoum, a Dorsimbra, or one of each. One prize winner will be selected for each form. The pantoum is an ancient Malaysian form from the 15th century and the Dorsimbra was created by three talented past PST members far more recently: Frieda Dorris, Robert Simonton, and Eve Braden.

More Contests

Get details on forthcoming contests as they develop at our website contest page.

Contest Sponsorships Available

PST has openings for sponsorship of members-only this program year. It’s a valuable service to PST. You may judge the contest or select a judge. To sponsor a contest, complete this form and send it to Russell Strauss. Send a check with prize money to our Treasurer. Details are on the form.

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