The Power of Place

A Message from the President

Have you noticed how poets write from experiences near at hand, as William Wordsworth did near Tintern Abbey? They carefully observe nature and persons around them. (Think of Wendell Berry walking in his farmland in Lane’s Landing, KY, or Seamus Heaney writing “Diggings” about his father, or Robert Frost stopping by woods one winter evening.)

Because PST is well aware of the power of place for writers, we respect each region in our state as vital bedrock for poetry. Within each area are unique opportunities that whisper as a faithful muse, “Just look and listen for what’s immediately around you.”

Accordingly, we encourage and assist members to seek in-person, regional places to learn, teach, create, form friendships, and grow—to participate, for instance, in face-to-face critique groups, attend local literary festivals, speak to elementary and high school classes, hold church and public library programs, enroll in college and university courses, etc. Rich delights abound in short distances from your home.

Jerry Buchanan, Chair of PST’s Regional Development Committee, leads the initiative. Please see this article about our regional initiatives for information on his committee’s role to help you, the poet, unfold the beauty of the power of place.

Bountiful Blessings,


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