PST’s 2022-23 year is drawing to a close. Membership has been responsive. Regional chapters have been merged into a unified state society. Our core identity—so vital for stability and growth—is now defined by three platforms: contests, monthly educational presentations, and regional nurture. (See January 2023 PST newsletter, “The Beauty of a Triangle.”)

About contests—a zenith was reached by Samuel Smith’s poem “ROYGBIV” which won first place over 188 national entries in the senior category, from 25 states. Samuel is a student at West Ridge HS, Blountville, TN. His writing teacher is Seth Grindstaff, who served as PST’s statewide student contest coordinator.

About educational programs and regional nurture—I marvel at the splendid presentations arranged each month by Lacy Snapp. I salute the impressive, area achievements of Jerry Buchanan’s Regional Connections’ Committee.

It’s been an honor to serve as co-president with Bill Hill and with dedicated and talented directors: Lisa Kamolnick, Claire Webb, Howard Carman, Jerry Buchanan, and Russell Strauss. Under Lisa’s capable leadership, her presidency will sparkle, and our poetry society will glisten with delights. 

As I leave the presidential office, I rise to toast PST’s future. I raise high my glass and confidently say, “The best wine is yet to be served.”

Onward and Upward,

Calvin Ross

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